Build smart communities by working together

Solve Problems Collaboratively

Through innovative technology and a mindful approach focusing on sustainability, we can achieve greatness on local and global scales.

Our Mission and Vision

Change The World

SoGo envisions a world enriched with self-sustainable, smart communities where suffering is rare.

This will be achieved by empowering communities with self-sustainable solutions through innovative thinking, collaboration, and leveraging technology. The key is to partner with existing doers of good.

Our Approach

How We're Different

SoGo targets root causes of societal issues, not just their repercussions.

By focusing on core needs, we can begin to reduce communities’ dependence on aid provided by thousands of hardworking organizations worldwide. While this aid can be helpful in the short term, it is not an effective solution in the long term. We believe the best way to help people is to facilitate their autonomy. We begin our approach with the following opportunity areas. These are inline with the UN SDG

Journey and Destination

Connect orgs and students

Bloomforce is a digital agency run by young professionals to accelerate nonprofits’ growth through implementing the best digital strategies and connecting them to the right talent.


Prevent Genetic Diseases


Beta thalassemia and Sickle Cell Anemia are genetic blood disorders affecting a growing number of people across the world. EndSickleNow (formerly EndThalNow) works to eradicate the disease using "Gene Horoscope Technology".


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Who Are We


Currently, we're a small, driven team looking to grow our impact.

Asha Konduru

VP Bloomforce