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A Global Non-Profit for Social Good. SoGo Global envisions a world enriched with self-sustainable, smart communities, which can be attained by empowering communities with self-sustainable solutions through innovative thinking, collaborations and leveraging technology.

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About Us

We Are On A Mission To Help The Helpless

SoGo believes that the best way to help people is to facilitate access to needed resources, for better self-sufficient outcomes. 


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All of our causes are envisioning a world enriched with self-sustainable, smart communities through innovative thinking and leveraging technology.

Donate for THALASSEMIA & SICKLE patients

People That Need Blood-Transfer Every 3 Weeks

Build a network of reliable, healthy, on-call blood donors. SoGo will spread  global awareness to control these deadly diseases; preventing it from drastically impacting  future generations.


$1,000 Raised

$30,000 Goal

Nonprofit marketing by young adults

Youth Development for Undeveloped areas

Youth Career Development Program (YCD), participants (10th grade thru College) will be trained to serve as the Marketing experts for the affiliated nonprofits to advance their funding goals.


$1,500 Raised

$40,000 Goal

Our Vision

We Have The Power Today To Change Tomorrow

SoGo envisions a world enriched with self-sustainable, smart communities where suffering is rare. 

We are taking action with our initiatives in:

Bloomforce: A Non-profit marketing agency helping other non-profits gain awareness with the help of young social entrepreneurs.

EndSickleNow: Beta Thalassemia and Sickle Cell Anemia are genetic blood disorders affecting a growing number of people across the world.

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Upcoming Events

Please join us for our virtual events that support local communities and wellbeing of our community.

People That Need Care


Wellness Break: Virtual Yoga Class For A Cause

We’re stronger together! Join yoga instructor Subra for a virtual yoga class as we raise funds to donate for treatments and research to improve the global state of sickle cell, a debilitating genetic disease.

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We can use as much help as possible to build a world enriched with self-sustainable, and smart communities. Join us to inspire and grow healthy communities.

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